12-14 October, 2023
Pragati Maidan, New Delhi
Indian government has prioritised investments in greener, safer, more comfortable, and hassle-free Urban Mass Rail infrastructure
India is one of the busiest urban rapid transit hubs in the world in terms of ridership
(over 2.63 billion people travelled annually in major 20 cities)
4th longest in operation in the world
(around 859 kms of metro systems) and has over 540 stations
Indian Metro Rail projects will generate Rs. 80,000 crore in investment opportunities in next five years.
Exhibitor Profile
Vehicles for Urban Rail Transport
Urban city rail cars (metro, subways, light rails, monorails), Motor units & motor coaches, Other standard-type rail cars, Electric engines, Magnetic levitation trains, Metro rail coach, E-buses, Smart shuttles.
Civil engineering and construction (tunnel/underground/bridge), Technical engineering and terotechnology, Electric power system, Overhead contact line, Welding technique, Building material, Track products, Overhead line devices.
Maintenance & Repair
Bogie & Wheel Set Examine and Repair System, Catenery Inspection Vehicle, Rail-Defect Detector Car, Rail Grinding Wagon, Un-Wheeling Repair Platform, Air Conditioning Clean Equipment, Medium/Large Road maintenance machinery & equipment, Heavy Rail Vehicles, Power Supply Maintenance Equipment, Engineering Vehicle, Hydraulic service equipment, Composite materials, Insulation materials, Adhesives, Lubricants, Rubber moulded articles, Sealing materials, Preservation, decontamination, backfitting.
Automation Technology, Driving systems and electronics, Hydraulic drive system and accessories, Pneumatic devices, Traction motors, Power supply systems, Vehicle control systems, FBMs, Cables and lines, Batteries and chargers, Isolate devices, Safety systems, Transformers, Centenary, Switch cabinets and accessories.
Subassemblies &
Bogies, Traction system, Car bodies, Connection systems, Couplers, Lighting systems. Locking technology and systems, Passenger counting system, Wheel sets, Cables and accessories, Capstans, Compressors and pneumatical tools, Conveyor belt and systems, Cranes/Lifting equipment, Crushing machines, Drilling derricks, Drilling platforms, Technical equipment and tools, Excavating machines for slurry trenches, Full face TBMs, Geotechnical Instruments, Grouting, pouring and injection machines, Hammer drill, Heading shields, Hydraulic excavators & breakers, Injection hose systems, Injection packer and accessories, Lining and scaffolding, Track construction machines, Microtunnelling and trenchless headings, Moisture separators, Pick wheels, Piling equipment/systems, Power Plant, Probe/diamond core cutters, Pumps, Rail-head-equipment/ drilling jibs, Rock-crushing equipment, Shaft boring devices, Track transport and carrying devices, Transport and feed systems, Tunnel boring machines.
Signal, Communication & IT Technology
Communication technology, Control system, Crossing systems, Remote control systems, Signaling systems, Earthing systems, Traffic information technology, Data processing systems, E-business, Communication systems, Infrastructure/Facility management systems, Scheduling systems, Internet systems, Interphone systems, Radio systems, Software, Video systems.
Safety, Security
Fire extinguishing systems, Monitoring systems, CCTVs, Securities, Measurement/Examination/Control and test equipment, Monitoring/Warning/ Alarm systems, Personal safety, Protection against dangers, Safety equipment/systems, Site safety, Monitoring harmful substances, Environmental safety equipment/ systems, Geo textile, Headgear, Protective clothing, Shoes.
Interiors & Finishing

Driver consoles, Toilet systems, Seats and seating systems, Air-conditioning & ventilation systems, Emergency systems, Door systems and accessories, Flooring systems, Heating systems, Surveillance systems, Air cleaning/waste-air disposal, Air conduction systems, Compensation plate, Concrete vibrators, Dedusting systems, Drainage and pump systems, Drill-and-blast unnelling, Electrification, Electrotechnology, Fastening systems, Gas-extraction equipment/systems, Ground freezing, Ground stabilization, Impregnate/Sealing of facing, Improvement of land, Lighting systems, Pipes and pipe connections, Planking, Power systems, Reinforcement and tensioning device, Relining, Rock bolts/anchors, Shaft linings, Shaft sinking, Slurry walls, shields and trenches, lattice girders, Tunnel coatings & membranes, water stops.
Advertisement systems, Clock systems, Radio systems, Elevators/Lifts, Passenger counting systems, Customer services, Interactive voice response systems, Certification, Construction-site logistics, Consultancy, Contract and claims, project and construction management, Documentation, Engineering services, Expert services, Financing/insurance, Geology, Geotechnical services, Measurement services.
Visitor Profile
  • Indian Railways / Union Ministries / State Government
  • Rail Operators / Metro Administration & Authorities / Regulators
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers of Rolling Stock, Transport Technology Equipment,Component
  • Innovative IT & Telecommunications Solutions Providers
  • Science, Research and Development Institutions
  • Urban Transport Consultancy Companies / General Consultant
  • Civil Construction & Engineering Enterprises
  • Multi-Modal Transit Integrators
  • City Planners / Architects / Geologists, Miners
  • Green Energy / e-buses / Smart Shuttles
  • Facility Management / Maintenance
  • Financing & Insurance / Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) Companies
  • Security & Surveillance Providers / Technology Providers
  • Interiors & Comfort Services / Service Providers
  • Public/Private Freight Transport Companies and Operators
  • Investors Leaders / Venture Capitalists
  • Engineers / Contractors
  • Trade Associations
  • Media

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